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There are many window cleaning equipments and techniques to use. Some of them include traditional squeegees, cloth methods and pure water cleaning.

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Pure water cleaning

Pure water window cleaning is a technology that has revolutionized the way we clean our windows. The main purpose of the process is to rid windows of dirt and grime. This is done by flushing the dirt from the windows’ sills and frames. Unlike traditional window cleaning methods, pure water has no odor or taste. It is a reliable alternative to chemical filled solutions.

Pure water has been shown to perform better than conventional methods of window cleaning. For this reason, a lot of the newer systems have been based on this technology. These are also a great option for the eco-conscious. They reduce the use of harsh chemicals, and help keep wildlife out of harm’s way.

While the term pure water is not necessarily new, it has recently gained a reputation for being the best possible method of window cleaning. Using this innovative technique isn’t cheap, and there are a few things you need to know before getting started. You’ll need three pieces of equipment, plus the knowledge to use them properly.

The first is the water fed pole. These telescopic poles allow you to wash your windows from the ground. Each pole is equipped with a hose, a brush, and a button that sprays water.

The nifty nozzle – or the squeegee if you prefer – on the water fed pole agitates the water and helps loosen the accumulated buildup on your windows. As a result, you can get a much cleaner and streak free finish.

Unlike soapy water, which leaves a film on the glass, pure water is deionised. This means it is free from impurities, such as dissolved solids and minerals, which can cause hard water stains. Also, this technology is safer to use, and can leave you with a sparkling, streak-free window.

To make the most of your pure water clean, you’ll need a good quality window cleaning solution. Some manufacturers offer quality accessories, such as a squeegee, cone, and multilink adapters. You can find more information about these products and other pure water related equipment on the Unger commercial cleaning blog. Here, you’ll learn about the science behind the water fed pole, as well as the best practices for getting a streak-free finish.

Traditional squeegee and cloth methods

Traditional squeegee and cloth methods for window cleaning are a good way to get a sparkling look for your windows. Using soapy water and a squeegee, you can remove any dirt and water on the glass. If you use a microfiber cloth, you’ll also be able to clean up any streaks.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to start off with a rag. It’s best to choose a rag that has a smooth surface. Rough fibers can scratch the glass. You’ll also need to wash your rag after each use.

For a streak-free shine, wipe your squeegee after each stroke. Use a lint-free cloth to remove any suds. This will leave a clear, streak-free finish on your windows.

A rubber blade on a squeegee is a good way to scrape off any excess water. Some people opt to use a handheld sponge for this task. However, it’s important to choose a sponge that’s firm enough for this job.

There are other traditional squeegee and cloth methods you can try. If you’re looking for something that’s easier on the hands, you may want to try using a hog-bristle brush. These are ideal for multipane windows.

Another option is to use a razor blade to remove tough spots. You’ll need to wear safety glasses if you do this, though.

Squeegees should be stored properly to prevent damage to the blade. You may need to buy additional blades. Also, be careful not to place too much pressure on the blade. If you push too hard, you can prevent it from sharpening.

To keep your windows streak-free, be sure to wipe off the squeegee after every stroke. Try to keep the squeegee at a 45 degree angle to the glass. Holding it too straight can cause the blade to stick to the window.

While you’re at it, you can also use a chamois to clean the edges of the glass. A squeegee can work well on the sides of the window, but a chamois will help you scrape away any excess water without leaving streaks.

When you’re done with your window, be sure to dry it with a clean, dry cloth. Then, spray your windows with a solution of vinegar and water.

Water-fed pole systems

Window cleaning with water fed poles is a great alternative to traditional methods. It eliminates the risk of ladder accidents, saves time and can help you get better results in a shorter period of time. Aside from these advantages, a water fed pole system also ensures safety for you and your clients.

The system uses purified water to remove dirt and grime from windows. This water is pumped through a hose and brush to scrub the windows. Since the water has no chemical or mineral content, it is able to absorb and remove most contaminants without the use of cleaning agents. As a result, it leaves no streaks or stains on the window.

Water fed pole systems are ideal for home owners with limited space for cleaning their windows. Some apartment complexes and homes with narrow alleys do not have room for a ladder, making this type of window cleaning an option.

Many building service contractors have also begun to use water fed poles to clean exterior windows. While the system can be used on flat glass roof lights, it’s especially good for cleaning the exterior of windows. You can reach up to 70 feet with a properly-sized pole.

Unlike the traditional sponge and bucket method, the water fed pole system uses a specially designed brush. This brush helps in scrubbing the windows and frames at the same time.

Another advantage of the water fed pole window cleaning system is that it is portable and easy to set up. When used with a small cart, you can easily carry the system around to clean even the most inaccessible windows.

In addition, the water fed pole system is safe for your family, pets, and plants. Unlike the sponge and bucket method, which often uses a chemical solution, the water fed pole system has no chemicals or minerals. All of these make it an environmentally friendly way to clean your windows.

One of the biggest benefits of the water fed pole system is that it can be used in virtually any weather condition. Because the water fed pole system doesn’t require the use of a ladder, it’s safer during rainy days.

High-pressure washing

There are many techniques and equipment available for high-pressure window cleaning. However, it’s important to remember that using the wrong technique can damage your windows.

The most common method involves using a pressure washer. A high-pressure stream of water can shatter glass or carve wood. If your home is made of wood, make sure to use a wood-safe cleaning solution.

Using a hose with a nozzle can be a safer option than a pressure washer. But be sure to check the nozzle’s angle before you begin. It shouldn’t be steeper than 30 degrees.

You’ll also want to use a squeegee to remove any excess water. When you’re done, place your windows aside to dry. Once they’re dry, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth. This will avoid scratching the windows.

If you’re going to wash windows with a pressure washer, be sure to wear safety gears. Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself while using the equipment.

You should also check that your window frames are in good condition. If they aren’t, you’ll need to get a professional to clean them. In addition, be sure to check that your caulking is in good shape.

Another mistake that people make is putting off window washing. Waiting too long can allow dirt and stains to set in. Also, be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals. Often, those can damage plants that are near the window.

Be sure to check the nozzle before using your pressure washer. Using the wrong nozzle can cause damage to your windows. To clean them properly, you’ll need a white 40o nozzle.

You can also use a black low-pressure nozzle to apply soap to your windows. For the best results, stand at least three feet away from the window. After rinsing, remove any soap.

Finally, don’t forget to dry the windows with a paper towel. Leaving the windows wet can leave streaks.

Window washing can be a frustrating task. Unless you have professional equipment and a thorough knowledge of how to use it, it’s recommended to hire a company. Harry Falk Window Cleaning Supply Company is a reliable cleaning company that uses the latest technologies and techniques. They can save you time and effort.

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