Technical Bulletins

IWCA Technical Bulletin Number 2 – Roof Anchorage, Installation, Testing & Certification

IWCA Technical Bulletin Number 2-August 2022 When a rope descending system (RDS) is used on a building, OSHA regulations require ...
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IWCA, NGA, & GANA: Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products

This joint technical Bulletin is the pinnacle of a huge cooperative effort between NGA, GANA, and IWCA.,” shares Paul West, ...
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Systematic Cleaning and Restoration of Architectural Glass

This bulletin provides scientific evidence and answers to the question: How often should I have my glass cleaned, and Why? ...
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Construction Site Protection and Maintenance of Architectural Glass

This bulletin outlines the need for proper protection of architectural glass throughout the construction process to all general contractors and ...
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TechBulletin #1 – ArtilleryFungus

This technical bulletin covers artillery fungus and the different methods of removing it from houses and windows. Click to View ...
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