IWCA History

In 1989, a group of window cleaners met in Lubbock, Texas who determined that there should be a voice for the numerous professionals working within the window cleaning industry. Soon after that initial meeting, the International Window Cleaning Association was formed. From that day forward, it has been the mission of the IWCA to educate and assist its members in developing professionalism, ethics and standards of safety and to actively represent the concerns and interests of window cleaning companies. Read about the IWCA Historical Perspective on Safety

Window Cleaning Contests

Jim Willingham Speed Competition
No one can mention Jim Willingham without smiling. Willingham, in his trademark hat, coaching the “youngsters” during convention in the speed contest, his own prowess with the squeegee and his enthusiasm for the “sport” of speed window cleaning have all led the IWCA Board to christen the speed contest the “Jim Willingham Speed Competition.” Willingham, also integral to the founding of the IWCA, was a past president and Lifetime Achievement Award winner and a successful business owner. He lost his battle with cancer in 2008.

Rod Woodward Medley Competition
The medley contest has been named in honor of Rod Woodward, whose contributions to the window cleaning industry include being one of the founders of American Window Cleaner magazine, inventing the “Super System” at Ettore, and being one of the driving forces behind the IWCA. He was touted as a visionary, an inspiration and a real advocate for the window cleaning community. He lost his battle with kidney disease in 1989.

Ettore Award

The award itself states that it is “presented to a person who has shown unselfish devotion and support to the IWCA.” We are looking for candidates who you feel have been instrumental in helping the International Window Cleaning Association accomplish its goals. Being a past or present board member does not, in itself, denote worthiness. Many members at large have worked quietly, consistently and devotedly over many years to support the IWCA and should be considered.

Diane Smahlik, CEO of Ettore, created the award and has set forth the following criteria: “Prime consideration should be given to anyone who has shown unselfish support and devotion to the IWCA over the past year. However, if no one person outstandingly fits that description, than anyone who has, over a longer period of time (up to the past 5 years), show consistent, unselfish support and devotion to IWCA, should be considered.”

The Carl Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award

The Carl Pedersen Lifetime Achievement Award was established to honor a current or former individual member of the IWCA who has made major life-long contribution to the window cleaning industry as a practicing window cleaner, supplier, promoter or leader. This award is the ultimate recognition award of the IWCA. It is above and beyond honorary membership. The Lifetime Achievement Award is extremely elite and not intended to be awarded each year.

The Maury Benamy IWCA Fellowship Award

The IWCA Fellowship Award was created in the memory of IWCA founding member Maury Benamy. Maury was an outgoing, very approachable person, who made friends with everyone in our industry. He was a founding board member that brought people together since the onset of the IWCA. He was happy to share his knowledge of his 30 plus years of window cleaning experience with anyone.

In giving this award the IWCA honors an individual like Maury, who has a selfless approach to sharing knowledge, time and resources with our industry and association. This award is for someone unselfish, who advocates for and encourages the success of our industry without expectation of personal gain.

The IWCA Fellowship Award Nominee should be someone that has proven themselves willing to help others unreservedly, with character and kindness.