Safety Training Designations

The IWCA Safety Training Designation Program provides the training and knowledge to create safe, well trained, and educated window cleaners and trainers. Our Safety Training programs adhere to OSHA regulations and are based on our long standing OSHA Ambassador relationship with Federal OSHA. We are one of only a handful of organizations to hold this esteemed distinction. This sets our training far apart from any other organizations and offerings available today. As a member you receive discounted pricing to our safety training hands on programs and our online programs, making it even more beneficial to you and your staff. You can be sure that when you sign up as a member today and take part in our Safety Programs, OSHA acknowledges your training certificates and becomes an ally.

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Certifications & Designations


New Safe Practices for Rope Descent Systems Certification (Certified Training for High Rise, Rope Descent Systems Technicians and Teams)

New OSHA 1910 Safety Certified Technician Training (Online or in-person Training Available) (Certified Training for Route/Residential/Light Commercial Technicians and Teams)


IWCA Certified Instructor Application (CI)

Certified Instructors (CI)

Stefan Bright, IWCA Safety Director, Certified No. 220-000

Jorge Aguilar, Empire High Rise, Certified No. 220-002

Michael Draper, Expert Safety Services, Certified No. 220-003

Gary McGrath, Scotties Building Services, Certified No. 220-004

Chris Ayers, Madison Window Cleaning, Certified No. 220-005

Carlos Noya, Valcourt Building Services, Certified No. 220-006

Scholars Designation
Fellows Designation

*Route/Residential Safety Training Course and Commercial Ground Safety Training Course are located in Campus IWCA and taken completely online. CAMPUS IWCA