Starting a Window Cleaning Company

Getting Started

The window cleaning business is one that you can start without a lot of initial start up costs. However, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind as you are getting started

Licenses and Regulations

  • Apply for and secure any and all permits that are required for your city
  • Check with your city to see if you are required to charge and collect sales or use taxes
  • Contact your local State Department of Revenue, City Clerk’s office or Chamber of Commerce for information regarding permits or licenses required.

Do you have the appropriate general liability and workman’s compensation insurance?

Have you received the proper safety training in order to complete the job safely and efficiently?

Do you know what tools and products will best serve your business needs?

The IWCA Membership/Benefits Committee is continually looking at products and services that will enhance and add value to your business and your IWCA membership. Other partner programs will be offered as they are reviewed and recommended by the committee. If you have ideas of services you would like to see included, please contact the IWCA Headquarters at 800.978.8401.