RDS Evaluations Requirements

If you qualify based on the criteria below, sign up for: IWCA RDS Authorization Evaluation OR IWCA RDS Certification Evaluation for an additional cost. Review the criteria that will be used for evaluations by clicking on one of the evaluation forms below.

Authorization Evaluation is for technicians who currently serve as an RDS operator under the supervision of an experienced RDS operator. In order to be an IWCA Authorized RDS Operator, you MUST be evaluated by one of our Certified Instructors and you MUST pass a written RDS exam.

Certification Evaluation is for technicians who have previously been Authorized by an IWCA Certified Instructor. In order to qualify to be an IWCA Certified RDS Operator, you are required to complete and submit a verifiable log documenting at least 480 hours of IWCA Authorized RDS use and be evaluated in person by one of our Certified Instructors.