Creating a Scalable Structure For 2022 ~ IWCA Member Webinar!

Free Business Webinar Creating A Scalable Structure in 2022

Do you have a structure that’s truly scalable? It’s often overlooked but creates ceilings that block your growth potential.

All too often, business owners grow their team out of necessity and don’t set up the structure with the future growth in mind.

It’s at these painful ceilings they see the need to adjust.

Dirk van Reenen and his BERGflow team, specialize in helping small and mid-size businesses with scalable structures, leadership development and even m&a’s.

In this FREE 45 min webinar, he’s going to share with you what he’s implemented in hundreds of growing companies. Don’t miss out! Dirk will hold a Q&A session to follow.

Tuesday 3/8 @ 6 pm CT

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