Photo Contest

Rules for Entry

There is no fee for the photo contest, and anyone can participate. Photos that are submitted will be formatted uniformly and uploaded to a gallery page for review and voting prior to the 2024 Annual Convention & Trade Show. Submissions will be accepted through December 29, 2023.

Voting will be open from January 3 through January 17, 2024 and the winner will be announced at the Annual Convention & Trade Show in January 2024.

The winner of the photo contest will receive one free attendee registration for the 2025 IWCA Annual Convention & Trade Show. Photos must be in compliance with all IWCA safety and professional standards. Photos will be reviewed by staff and the IWCA Safety Director to ensure compliance before they are posted for the voting process. Photos may be deemed ineligible for entry either for safety concerns, unprofessionalism, or due to formatting issues.

Terms: By entering this contest you are agreeing that the IWCA may use your photo for general, promotional, and fundraising purposes and that your photo may be reproduced and distributed by the IWCA. All efforts will be made to properly credit photos, if used for these purposes. You will not hold the IWCA liable for any misuse of your photo if, after being used by the IWCA in one of the manners described above, another third party uses your image in a way that may be damaging to you. You agree to these terms by submitting your photo to this contest.