Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michaela Kiersch

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Dr. Michaela Kiersch, Professional Rock Climber & Doctor of Occupational Therapy, will be the Keynote Speaker at our 2024 Convention & Trade Show! Register for the Convention Today!

Michaela Kiersch is a professional rock climber based in Salt Lake City, UT. She focuses her time on outdoor lead climbing and bouldering, though as competed on the World Championship level for several years. With over 20 years of climbing experience, Michaela has become the first and only female rock climber to achieve climbing the grades of 5.15 and V14 with her most recent ascent of La Rambla in Spain (see video above).

Michaela has submitted hard climbs all over the globe, many of which are first-female ascents. In addition to rock climbing, Michaela has a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy and spends some of her time working in neurological rehabilitation in order to help individuals live fulfilling and meaningful lives after overcoming brain and spinal cord injuries.

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