International Window Cleaning Legacy Foundation


In 2021 we began our International Window Cleaning Legacy Foundation (IWCLF), a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, with a goal of grant seeking and fundraising donations to give back to windows cleaners everywhere. Our page and website will apply for Google AdWords Grants for Non-profits each year to drive traffic and raise money for this new arm of the Association. We have also created space in this Association so members, past presidents, and board members can add the IWCLF to their will and testament and donate a portion back to the IWCLF. Finally we will be seeking to apply for the Susan Harwood Grant each year in June through OSHA to allow all window cleaners to be safety trained and educated free of charge. Considering all donations through the IWCLF are tax deductible, this new Association can accept donations and return a Tax Deduction letter to you for your generous donations. Along with numerous other fundraising activities planned, we believe this not only helps this new Association take off but also benefits our IWCA Trade Association with this partnership.


Explanation video of the IWCLF

Read the IWCLF By-Laws Here

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