Hands-On Safety Training

In an industry where one error can potentially be fatal, it is important that you and your staff have the most up-to-date training possible, which is why the IWCA Safety Training session is so important. By investing one day, you and your staff members can experience hands-on safety training taught by experts in the field. Click here for upcoming sessions, or arrange to bring Hands-On training to your company!

Customized Training

Bring IWCA Safety Training Straight to You!
If you are a large window cleaning company, or several mid-size companies or even a franchise organization; the IWCA is glad to announce that its safety training program is now available directly to you – at your location.

The IWCA Window Cleaner Safety Training Program is not just about one method of window cleaning or one piece of access equipment, it’s about giving you the knowledge and expertise to learn how to think safely and plan ahead for any type of window cleaning you may perform and it covers the most popular types of access equipment being used today.

How Do I Register My Company?

Prices and availability can be acquired by contacting the IWCA at 800-875-4922 or info@iwca.org

What the course covers

This course is designed to emphasize the importance of safety in high rise, commercial and residential window cleaning. The IWCA Safety Training Seminar provides your workers with comprehensive safety training, focusing on both classroom training and hands-on instruction of boom-lift safety, ladder safety and self-rescue techniques. All participants will have the opportunity for one-on-one instruction on the proper safety procedures under the direction of qualified safety trainers.

This full-day session covers:

  • basics of safety and planning
  • rope descent systems and suspended scaffold
  • ladder safety
  • work site assessments
  • fall protection
  • proper equipment maintenance
  • safe chemical use
  • and much, much more!

Following the course, each participant will receive an official certificate of attendance.


OSHA Walking Working Surfaces Rules are now in full effect Read