Theresa Martin Scholarship

“Attending the IWCA was life changing! Not only did I get to learn from the top professionals in the industry but on a personal level I met some of the most passionate, caring and truly devoted individuals that want our businesses to succeed. The IWCA is truly a great organization and resource to all window cleaning professionals!” — Cely Argueta, Bethel Facilities & Property Maintenance, LLC,  recipient of the 2019 Theresa Martin Scholarship

The year 2014 saw the passing of one of the greatest assets the International Window Cleaning Association and the window cleaning industry, for that matter, has ever had. Theresa Martin passed away on September 1, 2014, before she could take office as the next President of the IWCA.  It is unfortunate that we as an association did not have the opportunity to have her as our President. Theresa was very passionate about our industry and the people within it.  She always claimed that, “I’m not a window cleaner like y’all”, but indeed, in her heart, she was. She may not have hung from a rope or climbed many ladders, but she was one of us. Theresa memorized safety documents and procedures, not to use in her every day, but instead to help others with theirs. Her dedication and work for our association will forever be remembered.

In the name of Theresa Martin the IWCA has established a scholarship award to reimburse the costs of attending the IWCA Annual Convention & Trade Show. First-time attendees of the convention may apply by completing the application below and returning it to with the subject line “Theresa Martin Scholarship” or by mail to the IWCA business office “Attn: Sara Wilkinson” no later than October 31, 2019.

Click here to download a copy of the 2020 Theresa Martin Scholarship application.

The 2020 IWCA Annual Convention & Trade Show is January 22-25, 2020! Register