IWCA Annual Silent Auction


Members and friends are invited to contribute to the IWCA Silent Auction, held annually on the last night of the convention.

Suggested items include window cleaning equipment, donated services, IWCA memorabilia, historic photos and trade articles related to our industry. Additionally, vintage toys and comics, jewelry, framed art pieces, and treasures from your attic and garage are most welcome.

Proceeds from the Silent Auction serve to reimburse the expenses of the Theresa Martin Scholarship fund, and provide an additional gift to our local charity window cleaning recipient. Raised funds over and above this go to the IWCA convention to continue the opportunities we provide for training and education. Your donation is greatly valued, and allows us to continue to provide good value to convention attendees.

The Silent Auction will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 5:30-6:30pm, immediately prior to the Annual Awards Banquet.

IWCA 2020 Silent Auction Donation Form

The 2020 IWCA Annual Convention & Trade Show is January 22-25, 2020! Register