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Safety in Your Workplace

Monday, November 30, 2015  
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By Jason York, E-Z Window Cleaning


Does your company have a formal safety program?

Creating a safety program is one of the most important parts of running and safe and successful window cleaning company. Whether new to the industry or a company that has been around for generations, we all want our employees to go home safe at the end of the day. The small investment in time, will pay you back 10x over time. Keeping that program fresh and updated only strengthens its effectiveness.


….where do you start? There are many resources to utilize. Most are inexpensive and take more time than money. For the technical components, the IWCA has a wealth of resources to help. The basic safety training program has many of the basics. The certification program expounds on many of the things that window cleaners encounter daily. And, one of our biggest assets is Stefan Bright, our Safety Director. He has a wealth of knowledge on subjects beyond the basics. This spring(fingers crossed), we should have a new ANSI I-14 Standard. That should be the foundation for every window cleaners safety program.


Remember, working at heights is not the only area of concern. Contact your insurance company. They are your partner in safety. Many companies have driving & general industry safety videos and handouts they will provide at no charge. Of course, we can’t forget about OSHA.  OSHA is the largest safety resource available in the world. Their rules are what we all go by in the U.S.


Remember in all of life, especially the safety, it’s better to be proactive, not reactive. This winter, when its slower in your business, and you find “extra time”, look at what your company has in place, and update it.  It could be a matter of life and death!

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