MDLive Tele-Health Benefits for IWCA Members is now Live! $4 per month per employee!

New Member Benefit! MDLive for Members!

NEW IWCA Member Benefit, MDLive, is Open! As a thank you for continuing to be members and renewing your membership, the IWCA Board and Committees have been working on and negotiating this benefit for the last couple of months and we are happy to let you know, as a member, you can now take advantage of it for as little as $4 per month per employee. Employees can also add their family/dependents onto their account for the same $4 per month fee. The $4 per month covers medical benefits. For $1 extra per month per benefit, you can add behavioral health and/or dermatology.

MDLive allows each client to visit a doctor with a $0 copay, counselor, psychiatrist, or dermatologist by mobile app, video or phone. Visits are convenient, allow each client to avoid the high costs of urgent cares or emergency rooms, even doctors visits with a high copay. Prescriptions can be called in to your local pharmacy from your call. Employees can also access MDLive’s prescription discount service and save up to 85% on medications available at over 70,000 U.S. Pharmacies.

We hope you find this useful as an employee benefit or as a benefit yourself, not only to help defer costs for employees and their families but also as a recruiting and retention tool in your business by offering it to them as employer paid or employee accessible at a very small fee per month.

To set up your account and begin to add employees, please fill this form out.

MDLive Request Form

Once submitted, your membership will be confirmed as active by IWCA Staff, and they will then get your account set up. Employees will have a log in to add their own dependents to their account.

*We will post the PDF’s to our member’s toolbox section for you to download. We will have Spanish versions soon as well.

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