IWCA Safety Training at the Con

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The IWCA Safety Training Seminar provides your workers with comprehensive safety training, giving your company the edge it needs to succeed in the window cleaning industry. Preventing accidents through proper training not only reduces your liability, but also improves worker performance and quality of workmanship.

The IWCA Safety Training Seminar provides both extensive classroom training and hands-on instruction of boom-lift safety, ladder safety and self-rescue techniques. Each participant will have the opportunity for one-on-one instruction on proper safety procedures under the direction of qualified safety trainers.

The newly revised OSHA regulations address the need for proper training when workers are using equipment that exposes them to known industry safety hazards. Specifically, these regulations address falls in the workplace and fall protection, the use of transportable ladders, and rope descending systems. These methods present three of the hazards every window cleaner faces on a daily basis. Are you and your company prepared to meet the requirements of the newly revised OSHA Walking and Working Surfaces Regulations?

The topics which will be covered at the Safety Training Program are:

Overall Safety and Planning Ahead: The new OSHA regulations pinpoint the need for employers to assess worksites for fall hazards and other dangers which may be encountered. Learn more about recognizing these hazards and why having a plan and sharing it with your team is vital for safety and compliance.

Fall Protection: Each day every window cleaner is exposed to a fall from a height greater than 4 feet. This is the focus point of the newly revised OSHA regulations. Learn how to identify these fall hazards at every job and what means and methods are now required to avoid falls in the window cleaning workplace.

Ladder Safety: Most typical fall protection equipment and systems will not work on transportable ladders, as we in the window cleaning business well know. Our only safety mechanism is proper training. Learn the best methods available and what resources can aid you all year long with proper training in ladder safety.

Rope Descent Systems: The newly revised OSHA regulations were 25 years in the making. This has been the most popular piece of access equipment in the high rise window cleaning industry for many years. The new requirements help to share responsibility of using proper anchor points as well as proper techniques. If you’re in the high rise window cleaning business, you can’t afford to miss this session.


If you are working on a rope descending system, swingstage, or using a rope access system to serve as fall protection; would you know what to do if something malfunctioned and you were left hanging in fall arrest mode from a vertical lifeline? This session will give all attendees the opportunity to learn the dangers of fall arrest and harness shock trauma and what they can do to protect and save themselves or their co-workers in an emergency.

Hands-on Aerial Lift Safety demonstrations

Pre-use site inspections and proper training when using an aerial work platform are critical when operating a machine that weighs several tons and is driven or maneuvered around publicly occupied buildings. With help from Sunbelt Rentals, you will benefit from learning more about following the proper safety procedures while operating your aerial lift. The hands-on portion of this course will include each student participating in the operation of the lift while getting safe use tips from the instructor.

One enrollment in IWCA Safety Training is included with your full convention registration. If you wish to enroll an individual employee who is not attending the full convention the training course is available as a single event ticket at a cost of $155 for IWCA member companies, $200 for non-members. Certificates of completion are awarded. RSVP is required.

The IWCA Safety Training will be held on the same day as other training events, so before you RSVP make sure you’ve seen all your choices!

The 2020 IWCA Annual Convention & Trade Show is January 22-25, 2020! Register