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In Memory of Carl Pedersen
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We are honored to remember Carl "Viper" Pedersen at this year's Banquet


Dear IWCA Members:

The 3 of us felt it was fitting to write to our membership a note of the passing of a great man, mentor and dear friend of ours.Carl "Viper" Pedersen passed away on Thursday, July 13th, 2017. We want to share with you some thoughts on Carl and the deepest of sympathy to Carl’s loving and great family.

Carl was the IWCA's first elected President of our association in 1990. Carl was the one who connected the IWCA with Jackie Kopp and together, they organized our Association. Carl was always one of the few people that truly understood the value of working as a team to create more, rather than concerning himself with his own needs. Carl acted unselfishly, often times to his own detriment. This incredible giving nature, served on the IWCA very well in our 27 year history. His marks were made on many of the leaders, including the three of us who have written this message. Carl was a diplomatic leader and debater that bridged all great divides. Win, lose or draw, as long as people were speaking and could put aside their personal interests, our Association could move forward without dissent. For those that did not know Carl well, this is how Carl earned his reputation. Carl always put the IWCA first, and as our first elected President, he stamped an imprint on all of us to “carry-on”. Without Carl’s early diplomacy, it would have been hard for the IWCA to survive.

Carl cared about everyone, especially in the friendship with the 4 of us. Whether it was an IWCA Convention, an ANSI Committee meeting, one of our children’s wedding or a planned vacation, the 4 of us acted like children, just to be together. The 4 of us developed a friendship that goes far beyond any professional relationship any of us could have known. We have had hundreds of outings together, and the sadness of knowing that there will be a missing seat at the table has arrived. We will carry on well and always remember this great man and our great friend. Likewise, we are familiar with many similar relationships around the IWCA, and this was Carl’s vision from the outset.

We are saddened for Carl’s beautiful wife Janice, his sons Christian and Noa, and daughter Maren. We know the pain they have suffered over the last several months and years while Carl’s illness overtook his ability to fight. The 3 of us, and the entire IWCA will always remain a friend of the Pedersen family.

With great sympathy;

Jeff Valcourt – 2ndIWCA President
Jon Capon – 4thIWCA President
LaRue Coleman – 5thIWCA President

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