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ArchitectsAre you an architect or consultant who may be involved in the building access equipment profession and would like more information regarding the ANSI/IWCA I-14 Window Cleaning Safety Standard ?

You’ve come to the right place. The International Window Cleaning Association is your resource for the most up-to-date safety standards and other regulations.

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Safety First - I-14 Standard 

The I-14 is the perfect document to reference if you’re in the business of designing buildings or systems and equipment used for building access for maintenance. The I-14 Standard provides voluntary standards for the safe operation of the most widely used building access equipment for both routine and unscheduled maintenance of commercial buildings.

The I-14 Standard references permanently installed equipment as well as equipment that a contractor may bring onsite. Additionally, the Standard mentions specific inspection and testing criteria when it comes to suspended equipment anchorage points and also guides the reader to other safety standards for fall protection and building maintenance equipment like powered platforms, and traveling ladders and gantries.

It would be prudent for architects and consultants to review and follow the I-14 Standard so that their customers will have the opportunity to own a building which helps to create a safe place to work for outside contractors who may have to work on or from all roof levels or other areas where fall protection and proper rigging of suspended or elevated equipment are an issue.

Over the last fifty years, the window cleaning industry has been the model for maintenance access. Rooftop equipment for exterior building façade access is most often utilized by window cleaners, but is also used by other building contractors such as painting companies, sign companies, waterproofing and glazing companies. Window cleaning takes place at commercial facilities more than any other type of exterior building maintenance. It is common for exterior building maintenance contractors to use the same equipment as the window cleaning contractor.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regularly references the I-14 Standard in citations issued to window cleaning contractors in violation of the OSHA Section 5(a) 1- General Duty Clause. In these citations, OSHA states that the violations could have been remedied if the contractor were following the requirements of the I-14 Standard. Since its publication in 2001, OSHA has issued over 81 citations to window cleaning contractors

Architects can save building owners future retrofitting expenditures and contribute to the safety of the building maintenance industry by referring to the I-14 Standard during the design phase of building projects. The most important benefit of referencing the I-14 Standard is saving lives. Statistics will show that the majority of all high rise building maintenance and window cleaning accidents are the direct result of users rigging lines, safety lines and tie back lines to objects on the roof that were not capable of handling the loads. Following the Standard can eliminate the guesswork on behalf of the contractors, architects, and building owners.

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