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Cleaning and Sanitizing is an Essential Critical Infrastructure Worker class… Cleaning the Essential Businesses that are open is important to reduce the spreading of the COVID 19.

Essential Facilities than need near constant Cleaning and Sanitizing are (Include your shop) as follows:

Official list of facilities:

  • Healthcare
    • Physician,Dental, Psychologist, practitioners, nurse infection, quality control, pharmacist offices, etc.
    • Hospital and laboratories, (including accounting, administrative, etc)
    • Ambulatory, blood banks, clinics, community mental health, home care
    • Manufacturer, technicians, logistics, warehouse of medical equipment
  • Law Enforcement/First Responders
    • Emergency management, law enforcement, fire, corrections,
    • emergency medical
    • 911 call centers,
  • Food and Agriculture
    • Grocery stores, pharmacies, retail stores that sell food and beverages and their Shopping Carts
    • Restaurant carry-out and quick serve
    • Food manufacturing/packaging
    • Farms, storage facilities, agriculture inputs
    • Firms supporting food/beverage distribution, including warehouses
    • Company cafeterias
  • Energy
    • Electric production plants, distribution, including, call centers,
    • Petroleum storage and transport, refineries, drilling, production (on and off shore)
    • Natural gas storage, transport, production
  • Water
    • Water filtration and production plants
  • Transportation
    • Automotive repair and maintenance facilities
    • Manufacturing and distribution centers that support manufacturing, production of other industries
    • Public transportation facilities
In addition to these critical and essential industries, residential facilities need to be cleaned and sanitized. ” Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences “.

Performing this cleaning gets you out as a critical service provider by sanitizing a customers building or residence and opens the door to complete further cleaning as needed while on the property.

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