2020 IWCA Fellowship Award


Overview & Purpose

The IWCA Fellowship award honors a member who demonstrates good fellowship in our industry. The recipient of the Fellowship Award is an IWCA member who reaches out to others, offers advice unselfishly and seeks nothing in return.  He or she welcomes new members and makes new-comers feel comfortable in our association. The Fellowship Award recognizes an individual not based on the past year, but for the duration of time and the commitment to goodwill with which they have dedicated themselves to our industry. Any member of the IWCA may be nominated for the IWCA Fellowship Award, whether or not they have served in a leadership role. The primary qualification to receive the IWCA Fellowship Award is the pleasure a nominee takes in their work and their association, and the generosity with which they share that pleasure with others.

Award History

IWCA Fellowship Award was created in the memory of IWCA founding member Maury Benamy. Maury was an outgoing, very approachable person, who made friends with everyone in our industry. He was a founding board member that brought people together since the onset of the IWCA. He was happy to share his knowledge of his 30 plus years of window cleaning experience with anyone.

By giving this award the IWCA honors an individual like Maury, who has an selfless approach to sharing knowledge, time and resources with our industry and association. This award is for someone unselfish, who advocates for and encourages the success of our industry without expectation of personal gain. Your IWCA Fellowship Award Nominee should be someone that has proven themselves willing to help others unreservedly, with character and kindness.

Criteria of Eligibility

Any active member of the IWCA is eligible to receive to the Fellowship Award, and any IWCA member can make a nomination. The IWCA Fellowship Award will be awarded annually at the IWCA Annual Convention Banquet. An individual may be awarded the IWCA Fellowship more than once, but may not be awarded in consecutive years.

Procedure for Nomination, Review, and Selection

This is a member driven award. Distinct from the other IWCA awards, the Fellowship Award is nominated and voted on by the IWCA membership.

Nominations may be made by completing this fillable form and emailing it to IWCA business office at info@iwca.org. The floor will be open to nominations from November 4 through November 22, 2019.

The Fellowship Award Committee, consisting of the incoming IWCA president and 3 at-large committee members of his or her choice, will collect the nominations and review for eligibility. When a ballot is assembled, the nominees will be presented to the membership for a vote.

Voting will take place at out website, www.iwca.org. Voting will be open December 2 through December 20, 2019. Any IWCA member in good standing may vote. You may only vote one time, for one candidate. In the event of a tie in the voting, a decision will be made at the discretion of the IWCA Executive Committee. The IWCA Fellowship Award winner will be announced at the Annual Convention Awards Banquet.

Award Recognition

The recipient will be recognized at the Annual Convention Award Banquet and receive a small gift, and in keeping with the spirit of the award, the winner of the IWCA Fellowship Award will choose the charitable cause that will receive the designated proceeds from our IWCA Silent Auction. In this way does the IWCA Fellowship Award winner’s kindness, care, and generosity reach beyond our membership and further into the world.


 CLICK HERE to nominate someone for the IWCA Fellowship Award.

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