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Glass Issues: Builder to Supplier Waiver
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This is an example of a tempered glass scratch waiver; the IWCA cautions that your own legal counsel should review all of your contracts and waivers.


Tempered Glass Waiver for Builders
To All Window Suppliers
Due to widespread problems with poor quality tempered glass scratching during cleaning,
Builder requires the Glass/Window supplier to provide ONLY blemish free glass surfaces
on ALL windows requiring tempered glass.
This will enable cleaning contractor to employ standard construction window cleaning
techniques to remove any and all construction debris from windows without scratching
the glass surface. It is also accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used
razor blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for safely removing limited
amounts of construction debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from quality
glass, without scratching the glass surface.
It is understood that if any tempered glass is supplied to Builder with a blemished surface
that results in glass scratching during cleaning, it will be rejected by Builder and will be
replaced at the sole cost of glass/window supplier. This clause must be included in all
contracts between window supplier and Builder. No Exceptions!
____________________________ __________________________ __________
Glass/Window Supplier/Distributor     Representative                                Date
____________________________ __________________________ __________
Building Contractor                           Representative                                  Date
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